Thursday, November 29, 2012

Hacienda San Miguel - Fort Worth, TX

My husband travels a lot for work. I usually go with him but this trip he is just with Cowboy Ron so it is a 'man'cation. No girls allowed. I didn't let him off the hook that easily though. I gave them an assignment to check out Hacienda San Miguel during their stay in Fort Worth. The first photo I received was a review of the maragritas. They were reported to be just ok, I am sure they had to sample a couple of them so they could get an accurate take on them of course.

Chips and salsa at the table top. It looked beautifully decorated.

The place did appear to be empty. Just a slow Wednesday night maybe...

Dinner for both was the Enchiladas con Crema Poblana. Pulled chicken covered with melted asadero cheese, roasted poblano cream sauce and served with arroz blanco. It was supposedly the specialty of the house and Cowboy Ron was quoted saying it was "off the charts good."

The location of the restaurant is a desirable one. Located on Crockett Street tucked in between lots of other restaurants makes it a happening spot for downtowners. If you are interested in taking in a movie it too is located within walking distance from the restaurant. Maybe a margarita, salsa and a basket of corn tortillas made by hand on the premises.

- Scott Good Taste and Cowboy Ron       

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